history of MARNI



The brand was founded in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, in Milan, Italy. Originally, the brand started off as a family business founded by Consuelo, since her husband Gianni had already owned “CiwiFurs”, a luxury fur company. At the beginning fur and leather goods were their main products, but after becoming independent in 1999 and staring their men’s line in 2002, they established their place as a fashion brand. Known for their artistic and adorable use of motifs as well as their industrial silhouette, they quickly developed as an internationally renowned brand. In 2013, they joined OTB group, who also owns brands such as Diesel and Maison Margiela. In 2016, Consuelo left the position of the brand’s designer and Francesco Risso, who has experience working in collection brands such as Prada, took after the place. Marni continues to attract attention by always elevating their unique aesthetics.


設立年 1994
本社 Milan, Italy
クリエイティブ・ディレクター フランチェスコ・リッソ
ウェブサイト www.marni.com